What makes you different?

We care about doing the right thing for our customers. We don’t make decisions merely on what is the lowest cost, we base it off what is the best value for our customers: from choosing the building products we use, to the craftsmen that build our homes. We have been highly-rated and recognized for our customer satisfaction since we have started surveying our customers. We credit our continued growth to trusted relationships with families like you!

Will you build on my own lot?

You better believe it! That’s what we specialize in. Small custom builders and neighborhood box builders specialize in communities and don’t want to build on your homesite since it’s a lot more work. We love it!

What price are your homes? Are your homes expensive?

Our homes start in the upper $200’s on your lot. You can build a 1,600 sq. ft. ranch or a 1,900 sq. ft. two story all under the $300’s. We compete against national companies and are known for being the best overall value. We will put our quality against anyone, and we can handle homes up to $1,000,000 and over.

What is your square foot price?

We don’t price by square foot. It’s a general misconception in the industry, and the big box guys advertise it to get you in the door. We believe in pricing each home out individually – especially since each home design can vary the cost by tens of thousands of dollars even with the same features. Pricing by square foot is for the home builders who don’t know how to or don’t want to take the time to estimate your home properly.

Will you build in a neighborhood?

Yes! If you see that you are able to bring your own builder, we can certainly build there. If there are a couple smaller builders in the neighborhood and you aren’t sure if you can bring your own builder, we can always try talking to the developer.

If I bring my own set of blueprints or a sketch—will you build it?

Absolutely! As long as you own the rights to the prints, we can build it. Our craftsmen are talented and can build anything you want.
We are true custom home builders!

Will you come look at my homesite?

Yes, of course! We will come look at your homesite once you are working in the process. Once you decide to move forward, we conduct a comprehensive, 3-4 hour homesite visit.

What is included in the price of your home?

We include everything that you need in your home. You can request a copy of our standard features to view our included interior and structural features. Homesite preparation and permits are separate from the cost of your home.

Do you have a custom home gallery where I can view past projects?

Yes, we have a photo gallery where you can explore our past projects, providing you with inspiration and an understanding of our work’s quality. Additionally, for your convenience, we feature virtual tours of some of our completed homes on our website.

Do your custom homes come fully furnished?

While our custom homes do not come with furnishings, we provide a wide array of choices for both the inside and outside of your home. Book a Discovery Meeting to look at the various interior and structural enhancements. We’re here to turn your ideas into reality, so don’t hesitate to reach out with your specific desires, and we’ll incorporate them into the building plan.

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